Publications by Mary Ann and Ken Devos


Introduction to PMC.  Book cover.

Mary Ann and Ken have written three books on the use of Precious Metal Clay.  Working with Randy Wardell of Wardell Publications, Pompano Beach, Florida, we have created a basic book, Introduction to Precious Metal Clay. In this work we present 18 projects demonstrating the use of PMC in all four of its forms: clay, paste, sheet and syringe.  We also include projects using all three types of PMC: PMC Standard, PMC Plus and PMC3.  This book was released in 2002 and currently is in its third printing.

Precious Metal Clay in Mixed Media.  Book cover.In 2004 Mary Ann and Ken released their second book, Precious Metal Clay in Mixed Media.  Building upon the information in their first book, Mixed Media presents 22 projects using PMC and other materials including glass, brass, ceramics, enamels and polymer clay.  For this work, Mary Ann invited several recognized artists experienced with fine silver clay to contribute a project.  This book takes advantage of the varied backgrounds of these talented artists and the ways they present their individual project techniques.  Currently in its third printing, it provides the most advanced information on PMC.

Exceptional Works in Metal Clay and Glass.  Book cover.Most recently, Mary Ann and Ken released their third book, Exceptional Works in Metal Clay and Glass.  Continuing their partnership with Randy Wardell, this new book presents works created by 35 of the best metal clay artists.  These projects all include metal clay, either silver or gold, and glass in some form.  These can be as diverse as glass cabochons, glass beads or glass enamels.  This book is intended to provide the reader with a 360 degree view of some of the most exciting jewelry and sculptures to include metal clay.

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Magazine Articles

Over the years we have published a number of articles in a variety of magazines.   Our most recent articles were published in Glass Patterns Quarterly in fall and winter of 2011.  We plan to update this list for you at some future point.