Class FAQs

Mary Ann's classes take the student through design, construction and finishing so that each student can go home with a completed project.  Mary Ann has a relaxed and fun approach and it is reflected in the comfortable classroom atmosphere.

Classes are available in many locations including Florida, Georgia, Nevada, and North Carolina.   See Class Schedule for dates, locations, fees, and registration information of currently scheduled classes.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to make arrangements for custom, private or on-site classes.

How Long?
Classes are typically a full day.  Multiple days are required for Devos Studios Certification classes and two days are scheduled when the project involves multiple firings in the kiln.  Lunch is not typically provided.

Class Projects?
Mary Ann has created class projects to teach one or more specific techniques.  Mary Ann's philosophy is to encourage students to create their own artistic design using the techniques being learned.  Mary Ann provides coaching and advice on practical considerations but does not limit the student's creativity.

Materials and Tools?
Mary Ann provides essential tools for those who do not have them.  Materials for the class are provided in a Class Kit or are available for purchase.  Additional supplies and tools for use at home may also be purchased during the class.

PMC or ArtClay?
Projects based on fine silver clay use PMC (Precious Metal Clay) and can purchase it on site.   Students who are more comfortable working with ArtClay may do so but must bring their own supply of clay to class and must contact Mary Ann in advance.  Certification classes use only PMC.

There are printed handouts for many classes such as Project Directions, Hints & Tips, or other technical information.  For other classes, one of the Books by Mary Ann and Ken Devos fully documents the step by step directions for a project using the techniques covered in the class.

Class Fees?
Class fees are somewhat dependent on the length of the class, the complexity of the project and the location.  A Class Kit fee is also required for some classes.  (PMC fine silver clay is not included in the Class Kit.)  Check the Class Schedule for fees, registration information and schedule dates.

Skill Levels?
Classes for all skill levels focus on a projects using set of basic techniques essential for more advanced work.  Projects in more advanced classes expand on the basic techniques in producing more complex designs.  Beginners who are comfortable with a bit of a challenge are welcome in advanced classes.

Devos Studios Certification classes require completion of several projects, each of which uses a different technique.  Student projects demonstrate mastery of the technique to receive a certificate.  The classes are in three levels: Basic, Intermediate and Advanced.  Completion of the prior level is needed for Intermediate and Advanced participation.  There are printed instruction sheets for each class project.   Many of these projects are described in one of our books.  Others are in separate handouts.  Each provide step by step directions for the project.