DevosStudios Tribe

Besides showing up for breakfast, lunch, and sometimes even dinner, the DevosStudios “Tribe” provides essential services when more hands are needed for many miscellaneous tasks.  We assemble kits for classes, bead necklaces, inventory supplies, and test new products (love this part).  We are also in-house beta test subjects for new DevosStudios classes.  If we can do it, anyone can do it.  We are paid in laughter, fellowship, and being the first kids to get the new toys.

If you ever attend Mary Ann’s classes in Florida, you’re sure to meet one or more of us.

DevosStudios Tribe Group Photo

Photo (from left to right):

Back Row:  Judith Haven, Lisa Brower, Ken Devos

Front Row: Linda Nelson, Mary Ann Devos, Lina Scanlan

Devos Studios - A New Beginning

Devos Studio is a new direction for us.  We are in the process of reinventing ourselves creatively.  While continuing our focus on PMC fine silver clay, we are moving into other techniques and materials.  With each step forward, we are determined to share our enthusiasm and expertise with others through our classes and our publications.

We will continue to offer customized classes and market our original designs in art jewelry.

Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information about Devos Studios.

Mary Ann Devos

Mary Ann Devos.  Photo of Mary Ann.We all have a creative force within us. To encourage this creativity in ourselves and others is one of life's most fulfilling challenges. Art always has been joy in my life. Over the years this journey of expression has taken me through textiles, clay, glass and jewelry design. In 1988 I made a strong commitment to metal. My influences have always been organic shape, ancient primitive art and the beauty of nature. Some of my most inspirational teachers have been Didi Suydam, Betty Helen Longhi, Barbara Simon, Sherry Fotopoulos, Tim McCreight, Lynne Merchant, Thomas Mann and Hitoshi Araki of Japan. My work has been marketed in galleries and juried art shows.


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Ken Devos

Ken Devos.  Photo of Ken.For much of my life, I have worked in a wide range of artistic media. Encouraged from childhood to develop my creative abilities, I have tried to learn from the artistic opportunities available to me. From an early age, I have felt a need to create. Childhood craft lessons serve as a solid foundation for later artistic endeavors.

Since 1989 I have turned to working in metals, primarily silver. I have taken classes in contemporary metalsmithing techniques on the college level at Edison Community College in Fort Myers, Florida, as well as at the Broward Art Guild. I continue to expand the range of my technical abilities through classes at Penland School of Crafts in North Carolina and workshops presented through the Florida Society of Goldsmiths. These latter classes have been conducted by such nationally and internationally known instructors as Lynne Merchant, Betty Helen Longhi, Arlene Fisch, Barbara Simon, Didi Suydam, Sherry Fotopoulos and Hitoshi Araki of Japan.

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