Mary Ann Devos, My Work

My education continues on a daily basis as I explore along with my students as we push the boundaries.  PMC can be combined with many materials such as semi-precious gems, glass, porcelain, ceramics, sculpture, and mixed metals, among others.  Every successful artist develops a unique personal style.  What is so provocative about this new material is that we are developing and sharing innovative techniques as we draw from our own artistic or technical backgrounds.  The fact is we are participating in the groundbreaking creation of a new standard.

My personal work is greatly influenced by nature and ancient art and I have always been attracted to organic, textural and primitive designs.  I find it intriguing to echo the nature of PMC's clay-like beginning.  Born of clay and fire, it is transformed into a precious metal work.

Our classes will guide you all the way through the basic forming techniques but you will soon learn that you are limited only by your imagination.  So have fun, be creative and live the process, become one with the clay and join us as pioneers in this new medium.

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